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Force – death of attraction

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So Microsoft aims at becoming more attractive – they (or at least their marketing consultant) can see where they went wrong over the past decades. They want their future OS to be ‘easy, fun and everywhere’. Exactly the philosophy that Apple has pursued in their almost 40 years history.

(No worries, this will not be one of the classic ‘good vs. bad’, ‘Jobs vs. Gates’ or ‘Apple vs. MS’ posts.)

So at least Microsoft had an epiphany and recognized where they went wrong.

And since Jobs left the building, Apple seems to lack exactly this understanding. Apple in the meantime produces devices and software. Awesome products no doubt, but products nevertheless. No more dreams, no more ‘think different’ .

More proprietary fences instead. And more dictation.

Want an example?

I downloaded and installed the v. 10.1.x Final Cut Pro X free trial – a 30 days full version of their prosumer movie editor and installed it on my mac under Mavericks. Awesome experience, worked very well. Started a project and let the free trial expire due to a vacation. Within a few days after returning I wanted to buy the full version to continue the work on my project, but to my surprise it now requires me to upgrade to Yosemite.

What happened?

During my absence, Apple released Final Cut Pro v. 10.2 and this only support the latest OS (v. 10.10). baaah.

What really sets me off, is the fact, that there is no option to get the last version of FCP that would run with my OS 10.9.5 – which btw is still supported by Apple.

And that sucks.

I won’t upgrade, due to compatibility issues with some of my other (older) SW packages that run just fine under Mavericks, but won’t under Yosemite.

So apple loses my business (a $300 purchase) – and a fan.

I lose my work and will have to find another editor that satisfies my needs.

So far I really loved Apple (worked on a Mac since the late 80’s), but I start to wonder whether my PC future will be Windows 10. Let’s wait an see, if Microsoft’s recent announcements for an enchanting OS are sincere…

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